Federal And State Civil And Criminal Appeals

Savage Turner Pinckney & Savage combines a broad range of practice areas with an interdisciplinary approach. We provide deep expertise and exceptional client service. 

The federal and State Civil and Criminal appeals attorneys at Savage Turner Pinckney & Savage are experienced federal appellate litigators.

We are certified in every Appellate Federal Court and can professionally handle your Federal Appeals. Our federal appeal lawyers handle: Federal Civil Appeals & Federal Criminal Appeals.

Those convicted of criminal charges generally have a right to appeal a verdict or sentence. However, some criminal appeals rights are typically waived upon the acceptance of a plea bargain.

Therefore, it is imperative to discuss your appeals rights with an experienced Georgia Federal & State criminal appeals lawyer as soon as possible.

Our Savannah, Georgia office works to preserve your interests throughout the criminal and civil appeals process. We will review the necessary paperwork in the case to determine the best manner in which to appeal.

Once our law office determines the legal arguments for an appeal, we will create a comprehensive brief which analyzes the facts of your case in terms of the applicable laws.

“When the system doesn’t work for our clients, we work to make it right. And when we can make it right for our clients, we make the law better for millions of others.”

Because we have handled numerous criminal and civil appeals, we have a clear understanding of how to create an effective appellate brief and how to present appeals arguments both State and Federal appellate courts.

Before a person decides to file an appeal, it is always a good idea to consult with a skilled Georgia criminal or civil defense attorney who has extensive criminal and civil appeal experience.

To be effective the appeal must provide sound arguments at a level of legal reasoning that requires proper legal training and experience. We know how to prepare a strategic appeal that will increase our client’s chances of success

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